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What makes us stand out among other summer and sport camps?

The vast majority of globally practiced training methods, irrespective of the type of physical activity and age of the participants, are lagging behind advances in sport science. Apart from low efficacy, outdated and often, empirical strategies (as well as unwillingness of many coaches to update their knowledge) can result in overall deterioration of children’s health, which in the future may not only cause injury but also discourage them from having an active lifestyle. The latter often leads to metabolic disorders such as diabetes type II, obesity, CVDs etc., which affect nearly every third person in the West and collectively are the №1 cause of death in the world.

Using his 15-year-long experience as a professional athlete and the latest research, Anatoliy Dudchenko developed his unique methodology, which revolves around targeted training of 2 main skeletal muscle types – oxidative and glycolytic. In the former case, increase in the number of mitochondria boosts endurance and improves cardiovascular health, while in the latter – increase in the anaerobic threshold and muscle hypertrophy are conducive to development of speed and power. Furthermore, as a bonus, regular attendance of camps will allow us to estimate the type of physical activity or sport that is the most suitable for your child(ren)!

On top of general fitness and conditioning, kids will have an opportunity to practice martial arts (sambo, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling) and learn gymnastics moves. Except for acquiring self-defense skills, which are essential for both girls and boys, the ability to fend for oneself and protect their nearest and dearest, will provide confidence to you kid(s), which will enable them to overcome any obstacles not only in sport, but also in education, career and virtually all aspects of life!


Every Saturday:

10 am - 2 pm

Every Tuesday & Thursday:

4 pm - 5 pm

Group size

Maximum 25 kids (5-12 years old)


50 USD per session

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