Our Programs

Main benefits of training with us

✔️ Highly flexible & deep personalization for any goals!

Weight loss; injury prevention & recovery; muscle, strength and endurance gain; longevity and well-being.

✔️ The best and the only viable program for children & teens !

Who want to stay fit or prepare for a career in professional sport.

✔️ Suitable for seniors as it does NOT put any strain on

cardiovascular and skeletal systems!

Your blood pressure does NOT rise during the exercise and there are NO contraindications!

✔️ Forget about feeling sore or tired after the workout!

ISOTONE+ leaves you only pleasant feelings and no "hangover" for your muscles next day!

✔️ Adaptable for more than 56 sports at a pro level!

Boxing, kickboxing, swimming, cycling, football, volleyball, etc.

✔️ Fortified with nutrition plan and 24-hour dietician support!

You can achieve twice as much by effectively combining nutrition & exercise!

✔️ Main venue for our workouts is not always a studio!

We often exercise in fresh air and take our clients to the park or beach! We promise you will not get bored!