ISOTONE+™️ for adults and seniors!

While we have already talked about main benefits for ISOTONE+™️ program

for everyone, we want to share the mood and atmosphere of

a typical group workout at CaliFormBody Gym!

ISOTONE+™️ for kids and teens!

The scarcity of truly viable training programs and experienced coaches for youngsters, made it a priority for us to spread a word about ISOTONE+.

Even from a few classes we will be able to identify with certainty:

a type of physical activity that suits your child most!

Regardless of whether you just want to get your child used to regular exercising or want them to prepare for a professional career in sport,

at CaliFormBody Gym we are ready to take on the responsibility!

Watch two short videos of our chief coach and CEO of CaliFormBody (Corp.) Anatoliy Dudchenko talking about the paramount importance of correct training routine at young age as well as an example of a personal workout aimed for development of balance and coordination skills!

Apologies for the absence of English subtitles... We are working on it!

ISOTONE+™️ for professional athletes:

All ISOTONE+™️ training programs are UNIQUE because

they are underpinned by pure science.

Every aspect can be precisely modified to enable any athlete in the majority of common sports to progress fast and get into a competition shape on time!

We currently offer training for people of ALL ages and ALL entry levels in the following disciplines:

⬜ Boxing

⬜ Kickboxing

⬜ Sambo

⬜ Volleyball

⬜ Football

⬜ Swimming

More sports are going to be added with time!

Meanwhile, watch one of our boxing workouts in the park!